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with The Children's House
Elementary and Middle School Drama

I have worked with:

  • Superhero Clubhouse's Big Green Theater

    • aided in classroom sessions for Superhero Clubhouse's afterschool eco-playwriting program with 4th graders from NYC public schools

  • Hasten Hebrew School of Indianapolis

    • taught middle school drama elective, culminating in presentation of The Blessed King

  • The Immaculate Heart of Mary Day School

    • taught elementary after-school acting elective, culminating in presentation of original scenes by the students

  • The Children's House of Indianapolis

    • directed Thanksgiving play and Monarch Buttlerfly project


I also teach at NYC syngagoues, infusing the Jewish Studies curriculum with performing arts to engage elementary school students in actively embodying ethical lifestyles.

Student Study Guide

Click here for link to the student study guide for Butler University's production of Crime and Punishment.

Workshop Leader

As a member of the Advisory Board for Youth Power Indiana, a subsidiary of Earth Charter Indiana, I lead workshops during seasonal Climate Camps, on the arts in climate change.

For more information about Youth Power Indiana, follow this link.

At the August 2015 Climate Camp, I led a series of half-hour theatre workshops, invovling mind, body, and soul warm-ups; readings from The Earth Charter; and engaging in what it means to be a "climate ambassador".


An article on the August 2015 Climate Camp, by Jim Poyser (Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana), can be found here.

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