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Assistant Directing

photo by Ran Xia
photo by Ran Xia
photo by Ran Xia
photo by Ran Xia
photo by Ran Xia


Written & Directed by Ran Xia


Associate Directed by Julia Levine

Additional Music: Emily Krause
Fight Choreography: Madeleine Emerick and the Dispatch Combat Collective
Set Design: Julie A. Solomon

Lighting Design: Elizabeth M. Stewart


Photo & Image Credit: Ran Xia

Theater in Asylum's The Debates

Stage adaptations of the 2016 Democratic Primary Debates, and the General Election Debates

Julia assistant directed & video designed for The Debates #2, The Debates: NY Primary Performance and The Debates: General Election

Julia also led a workshop reading of The Debates' script at Butler University.


Conceived and directed by Paul Bedard | Choreographed by Katie Palmer | Assistant Directed by Julia Levine

Production Management/Lighting: Dan Stearns | Sound: Adrian Bridges


The Debates: NY Primary Performance

A performance compiled from the 2016 election cycle

April 18-19, 2016

The Kraine Theater

Photo credit: Bailey Carr

The Debates #2

A workshop performance compiled from the second national Democratic Primary Debate on November 14, 2015

New York City Center

Photo credit: Paul Bedard

Typhoid Mary

A world premiere by Tom Horan

The Phoenix Theatre of Indianapolis

Directed by Bill Simmons

Assistant Directed by Julia Levine


Scenic: Linda Janosko

Lighting: Jeffery Martin

Costumes: Emily McGee

Sound: Tom Horan


Photo credit: Linda Janosko

Typhoid Mary


By Susan Yankowitz, in collaboration with Joseph Chaikin and The Open Theater

Butler University Mainstage

Directed by William Fisher

Assistant Directed by Julia Levine


Scenic: Rob Koharchik

Lighting: Glen Thoreson

Costumes: Wendy Meaden

Sound: Chet Miller


Photo credit: Brent Smith

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